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Miss 604

Miss 604 impressed by O2 West's Owner and Master Trainer Andy Shiu and his state-of-the-art personal fitness facility. Andy takes Miss 604 for a tour and provides her insight on how to use fitness equipment properly and effectively for results in the shortest time.

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New Talent Singing Awards (Vancouver)

O2 West is the personal fitness consultant for New Talent Singing Awards Competition. Trainers Andy Shiu and Simone Shiu with the talented singers at the press conference.
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Healthy Heart = Healthy Life

At minimum, we all need some sort of physical activity. Without exercise, we are all at risk of heart disease and stroke. Are you at twice the risk of heart disease? View Article >>

Sunshine Nation 2010

Sunshine Nation Talent Contest

O2 West is the personal fitness consultant for Sunshine Nation. One of Master Trainer Andy Shiu's specialties is Asian body sculpting concentrating on toning the Girlz and muscle definition for the Boyz for the big finale.

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Health Expert - Andy Shiu

High blood pressure is common among many Canadians. One of the best remedies is regular exercise under professional supervision. Here are some exercise tips. View Article >>


Gold Medal Formula

A look behind an Olympic athlete smile.

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10.04.2009 Ming Pao News

Oct 2009 Ming Pao News

Andy Shiu is a certified NSCA strength & conditioning coach, CrossFit coach and sports-specific conditioning specialist. Andy prepares hockey players with the best methods of fitness and strength conditioning. Hockey is skills-oriented but players must balance it with cross-training. View Article >>


Sport-Specific Conditioning

Conditioning specialist and former elite athlete Andy Shiu, has a wealth of experience with some of the most advanced, scientifically-based conditioning methods available today.

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10.18.2009 Ming Pao News

Oct 2009 Ming Pao News

Figure skating is about balance, power, flexibility and gracefulness. We will look at three specific exercises which target the needs of high performance figure skaters: plyometrics (jumping), power and strength & balance and strength (Advanced level). View Article >>

news article miss604

Wedding Fitness Figure Makeover

O2 West's winning wedding couples Daniel & Michelle and Josh & Tasha are now toned, slim and in tip-top "I Do" shape for their 2010 weddings. Congratulations and Happy Wedding!

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06.02.2009 Ming Pao News

June 2009 Ming Pao News

How to tone our body and muscles especially for the summer? We work on total body conditioning involving core abdominals and upper and lower body resistance training. Proper technique is also emphasized focusing on results. View Article >>

01.24.2010 Ming Pao News

Jan 2010 Ming Pao News

Exercise and Fitness for Kids/Youths - Poor eating habit is a key contributor to the rise of childhood obesity. Most parents try to improve nutrition but they also need to get kids more active. Andy talks about how young is too young for sports, the benefits and team sports vs individual sports. View Article >>

06.30.09 Ming Pao News

June 2009 Ming Pao News

Are you using your fitness equipment properly and safely to achieve maximum effectiveness for your workouts? Andy shows us how to use the settings and proper techniques on the treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine and StairMaster.

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Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant 2010

Master Trainer Andy Shiu and Simone Shiu with Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant Winners. O2 West is the personal training consultant for Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant specializing in body sculpting keeping the girls slim, trim and toned.View Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant Website >>

Nov 2009 Ming Pao News

Cross-country skiing can be one of the most demanding sports involving most of the body's joints and muscles. Most common injuries are from overuse, soft-tissue sprains, and lower back strain. What kind of exercises can we do to maximize strength and minimize the strain of key joints? View Article >>