" I have trained with Andy and O2 West twice a week for over 4 years. I started because I was having some upper back pain. With carefully thought-out techniques and a lot of patience, Andy has helped me improve my back pain considerably. Over the years we have also done a fair amount of core strength training, cardio focused exercises and body-toning with weights. Andy has a strong work ethic and a great attitude. While the work-outs are tough at time, they are never boring. I feel strongly that my health has greatly benefited as a result of working with Andy. "

Robin C.

" I have always been a petite slim girl but I wasn’t toned or fit. I worked out on my own but didn’t get the results I wanted. I dreaded going to the gym so I would slack off and take breaks in between.

Then I met Andy. He taught me how to be disciplined about my diet and showed me how to work out efficiently and effectively. Working out is not about doing 100 crunches and working out for 4 hours a day. He motivated me and helped push me to further limits. I saw results within 6 sessions!

Andy's workouts are challenging but fun. They are doable and you feel a sense of accomplishment. He is extremely patient, professional and encouraging and is definitely results driven. Andy exceeded all my expectations and he taught me that a workout should be fun and part of a healthy lifestyle. He also taught me you can still enjoy food, but in moderation. I would highly recommended Andy. Andy is about form, effectiveness and results. Once you have trained with Andy, you can not go back! He is truly amazing! "

Karen I.

" I wanted to have a toned body and definitely wanted to trim the fat off. I tried going to gym on my own but the results were not good. Then I decided to find a program suitable for me so I asked Andy to help me. Andy designed a program according to my physical conditions and objectives. Having a personal trainer really makes a world of a difference. The whole process is disciplined and effective. There is no question that I would refer Andy and O2 to my friends and relatives. "

Ricky C.

I love eating so I have been struggling with my weight for the longest time. Andy taught me that I can still eat good food and lose weight. The key is moderation of food and proper exercise. Every time I step into O2 West, the O2 team motivates and encourages me every step of the way which really helped to build up my confidence. I’ve lost 3 dress sizes now and through Andy’s guidance I learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am ecstatic of my new figure and better lifestyle. I have O2 West to thank. It’s true. Andy and his team are miraculous. Anyone can see improvements working with the O2 Team.

Mary M.

O2 active rehab has helped me with flexibility, mobility and balance. My joint pain has also greatly reduced. Andy’s skills, patience and knowledge are a plus. He listens and is sensitive to my needs. He used to own a physio therapy clinic so his experience is priceless. I enjoy being independent and smile every morning.

Dana D.

I have arthritis in my mid-back and spondylolisthesis in my lower back. Since I have practiced Yoga at O2, I have gained better mobility and balance. Yoga has helped me tremendously and I am virtually pain free. I have joined other Yoga classes but O2 instructors are a lot more friendlier and helpful. Simone and the Yoga instructors are fabulous. They are knowledgeable, supportive and provide lots of motivation. I also enjoy going with my friends. It’s fun. I can’t wait to go to O2 Yoga every week. I love the commitment but don’t feel pressured. O2 is above my expectations! Behind the marathon wall is a facility that’s top notch, magnificent and very comfortable. You should see it. I would absolutely recommend O2 to my friends and family.

Kathy K.

O2 is an excellent fitness studio to do your workouts. The facility is very clean and tidy and the staff are friendly. A big plus is no overcrowding and they have the latest fitness equipment. I don’t dread going to the gym anymore. I am extremely comfortable and look forward to working out at O2 each time. The trainers are knowledgeable and adapts to your needs. Andy and O2 has changed my perception of exercising and I am convinced they have contributed in my overall health.

Mike G.

Six months ago, I had very high blood pressure (140/97). I didn’t want to take medication so I decided to try O2 yoga. After 3 months, my blood pressure was stabilized and I was ecstatic. Now after 5 months, my blood pressure reading is doing better than average. I couldn’t believe it. Even my doctor is amazed! I am extremely happy with the results and O2 yoga has helped me achieve this. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my weekly O2 yoga class. Danny is also a great instructor.

Kelly C.

Welcome to O2 West

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