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Sport-Specific Conditioning

To be considered sport-specific conditioning, sports scientists suggests physical training should fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

The exercise must duplicate the exact movement witnessed in a certain segment of the sports skill. The exercise must involve the same type of muscular contraction as used in the skill execution. The special exercise must have the same range of motion as in the skill action.

With the ever increasing level of sports competition, athletes want that extra "edge over their competition", mentally, emotionally, technically and physically. Athletes realize the importance of year round conditioning involving all areas of physical training specific to his/her sport. In particular, they need a program which enhances the muscle groups and metabolic system in specific movements related to their sport.

At O2, our goal is to help serious athletes reach their true potential in the shortest time possible. We offer customized sport-specific group training programs to optimize athletes’ sports performance potential based upon the unique demands and requirements of their chosen sport. Furthermore for the elite athlete, we bring it a step further by addressing his/her an individual’s specific strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We achieve success by carefully tailoring private individual programs based on the athlete’s skills level, age, sex, physiological profile, and previous conditioning experience.

O2 programs are designed by conditioning specialist and former elite athlete Andy Shiu, who has a wealth of experience with some of the most advanced, scientifically-based conditioning methods available today. His keen eye on biomechanical understanding of various sports and sports-specific training programs give athletes the extra edge to outperform and outlast their competition!

Benefits of Sports-Specific Training:

  1. Improve power, agility, endurance, balance and accuracy
  2. Strengthen core, upper and lower body
  3. Lean muscle gain
  4. Enhance metabolic efficiency for better recovery
  5. Avoid and prevent all types of sports injuries
  6. Ensure quickest return to sport after injury
  7. Gain technical and biomechanical knowledge of the sport

Andy Shiu, CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) NSCA, CrossFit Coach