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Upcoming 5km or 10km events in BC can be found at

Upcoming Half & Full Marathons in BC

Training programs: Please refer to *A Marathon is a long-distance running race that is 42.195km or 26.2miles. A Half-marathon is 21.1km or 13.1miles.

Andy Shiu is a regular active lifestyle columnist for Ming Pao Newspaper. He is also the founder and head specialist at O2 West Personal Training and Active Rehabilitation. He is a disciplined athlete, and was competitive internationally in the sport of downhill mountain-biking, and also competed in motocross, tennis, and triathlon competitions.

Andy Shiu 是'明報'之"積極生活"獨立專欄作家。他是溫哥華 O2 West 私人健身和復康專家的創辦人。他是一個資深專業運動員,曾經是國際排名的下坡越野單車比賽運動員,並以往參加越野摩托車,網球,三項鐵人比賽。